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Tampilkan postingan dengan label 99 domino poker. Tampilkan semua postingan
Domino is a kind of generic card game . In Indonesia usually a small card 3x5 cm , yellow base color there are spots that serve or substitute numbers. Dominoes is one alternative to a card game that should be attempted. Most people would recognize this one game by the name of 99 domino poker.In addition to testing the speed of thought, you can use this game to test the patience and intelligence Dominoes game is arguably very challenging because the tactic is more complicated than the usual card game. But you can also benefit greatly by playing dominoes online. Before you play dominoes online , you better get to know about this game .

Domino written history raises several versions. However, everyone agreed that the version of the game of dominoes was born in China. The first version says that Domino came to prominence in 1120 AD The second version revealed that the dominoes began to be played by the army Hung Ming circa 181-234 AD Other historians deliver the third version that is already known in the past domino Keung T'ai Kung, around 1100 BC However historians Chinese tradition, Chu sz yam trust the first version. According to him, this game was made by a civil servant and is dedicated to the Emperor Hui Tsung in 1120

Dominoes Poker Rules

Game cards consisting of 28 cards , each of which has a different value. Domino can be played by 2-6 people in every round. Each player will be dealt four cards that must be combined into two pairs of values​​. The player with the highest combined score will come out as winners. This card value seen from the sum of two -card hand by taking the numbers behind it. Each player will be given three cards in the early rounds and are able to bet or raise the bet to take the fourth card. If one player does not follow the proposed betting another player then he is not entitled to take the fourth card and declared lost.

Domino increasingly played by people anywhere in the world. Playing dominoes is very exciting. For that you are required to try this game