Maybe some people have experienced chips that exist in online poker accounts they suddenly disappeared instantly. As we know that in the game of online poker, the chips that exist in our account using real money. This is a reason for hackers to steal our account online poker.

Keep in mind actually quite easy to maintain our online poker account. Data- such as maintaining the confidentiality of personal data that we use when we are registering and do not share them with others. Because our data can be used to reset the password of the our account. Don't occasionally inform our online poker account password . Password is the cornerstone of our account. Password is very personal . Because the only access that goes into our online poker account is this password. Then if you often play poker online in the cafe, be careful on some sort of keylogger devices. Because there are some cafe owners are ignorant.

How to Avoid Keylogger software

Keylogger software is it self a (software ) that can record everything that has been typed on a keyboard. So if we type the password on the keyboard, it is definitely our password will be known by the person who installed this keylogger . How to avoid it quite easily, with no portion poker sites that use the virtual keyboard. Use the virtual keyboard to avoid our passwords recorded by keylogger. If the site does not use the virtual keyboard On screen keyboard use of PCs in the internet cafe.

Now that online poker can be played by using the phone ( android and i -phone ) . Instead of playing in the cafe playing poker using more mobile phone can protect your account in order to remain safe from hackers who want to steal a chip on our account . Playing poker on mobile phones could also make it easier for you to play anywhere .

A few tips to keep online poker account. Hopefully your account stays safe .

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