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Poker game that is now being played since in introduced through social media , namely Facebook , become one of the gambling games are becoming more popular. At first the poker game is only played in countries that are legal to gamble just so many poker players who were in the area that still has rules in gambling games is very difficult to play poker so that they only vent through social networking media such that facebook to play using the chip , but still, when the chip is up the players should be looking to buy directly to the supplier or purchased through another player who had more chips.

Seeing the development of poker players who are so enthusiastic and many start playing finally now a lot of providers of online gambling sites to play poker to emerge and this of course is very easy for poker enthusiasts who want to gamble online.

In gambling poker for beginners should be able to figure out how to play poker in order to win . If to find the right one is hard , then look for things you think are wrong . In addition to finding you the right thing . And because this poker game is no absolute truth , then it would indeed be really difficult to establish a technique that actually valid forever . This article will outline what things are considered the fault of the starters of a general nature.

there are : Playing Too Much, Playing Beyond Bankroll, Being Emotional at the Table, Not Using Pot Odds, Imitating other players Style, Relying too Lucky, and the last, Relying too Suited Cards.

that's the thing that should be avoided in playing poker. Therefore TOC poker blog that no other created to help novice poker players

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