Domino is a games played using a small rectangular tiles are used as cards, which are the points are divided into two upper and lower bounded by a line in the middle of the card. These points are intended to differentiate value than the card on one side, while the back side is usually left blank. Dominoes can be made of any material, be it ceramic tile, bone, paper wood, stone, etc.

Domino on the history confirmed by the elders came from China which began when the holding of a festival earlier in Wulin is now known as a city of HangZhou. In the days preceding domino used as a medium for gambling as well as dice are often sold by itinerant peddlers unique items on the regime of King XiaoZong of the Song Dynasty (1162-1494).

The origins of this valuable domino and use of domino generations as a tool to play cards or gamble never fade until today. Even dominoes are increasingly being developed and will vary the type of game itself. We can exemplify one of them like Domino 99 or QQ.

99 Domino Poker increasingly popular lately as the growing community of poker players who sometimes want to look for variations in the game. 99 Domino game is not much different from the game using cards Joker Poker, because the real Domino 99 also is one kind of poker game.

The game is though likely to be categorized as gambling games are usually only rely on our luck alone, but in fact this game has a wide range of tactics and strategies to win the game.

Several dominoes are just relying on luck alone, and involves a fair system in the game, but also a lot of skill and judgment which will likely give different results in victory or defeat in the game of dominoes. Indeed, of course we know the cards that are dealt to us it depends on luck to get a nice card but do not forget also, that the way we played the game very influential on our laurels.

For example, you have two cards that one of its parts has the same value as the other parts of different value. Which card then you will first play in a game round? And you do not know what others have cards. Things like that can actually be analyzed. Like for example, there are cases in Casino Las Vegas that do not allow players to play a game to count cards in one game card. Card counting is legal, but that makes it legal is the Casino who feel aggrieved. Because in essence, this is a game of high-level math, and we tested constantly when playing any card game.

First of all, make sure you know the types of domino games and the specific regulations of the domino game that you play it. After that, soon you will have an idea and a basic premise of this game. After a few rounds in playing this game you will immediately know which motion which if helpful. Familiarize yourself with the values ​​of dominoes and pictures. Knowing the basic things like that and get used to the cards used will help us to play with better quality anymore. But for such cases we are dealing with, which is play dominoes online, which need to get used just to familiarize yourself with pictures and also output cards. That way we would so easily become familiar with the game.

Domino 99 is generally not much different from the game using cards Joker Poker, and also strategy games are not much different. For poker strategy you can read in Poker Game Strategy.

If you are a beginner in this game, there may be a good idea to read and learn in advance the guide and how to play this domino.

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Domino is a kind of generic card game . In Indonesia usually a small card 3x5 cm , yellow base color there are spots that serve or substitute numbers. Dominoes is one alternative to a card game that should be attempted. Most people would recognize this one game by the name of 99 domino poker.In addition to testing the speed of thought, you can use this game to test the patience and intelligence Dominoes game is arguably very challenging because the tactic is more complicated than the usual card game. But you can also benefit greatly by playing dominoes online. Before you play dominoes online , you better get to know about this game .

Domino written history raises several versions. However, everyone agreed that the version of the game of dominoes was born in China. The first version says that Domino came to prominence in 1120 AD The second version revealed that the dominoes began to be played by the army Hung Ming circa 181-234 AD Other historians deliver the third version that is already known in the past domino Keung T'ai Kung, around 1100 BC However historians Chinese tradition, Chu sz yam trust the first version. According to him, this game was made by a civil servant and is dedicated to the Emperor Hui Tsung in 1120

Dominoes Poker Rules

Game cards consisting of 28 cards , each of which has a different value. Domino can be played by 2-6 people in every round. Each player will be dealt four cards that must be combined into two pairs of values​​. The player with the highest combined score will come out as winners. This card value seen from the sum of two -card hand by taking the numbers behind it. Each player will be given three cards in the early rounds and are able to bet or raise the bet to take the fourth card. If one player does not follow the proposed betting another player then he is not entitled to take the fourth card and declared lost.

Domino increasingly played by people anywhere in the world. Playing dominoes is very exciting. For that you are required to try this game